Maddalena Riesling

2019 Riesling

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Maddalena Riesling reveals aromas of apricot, honey, and wildflowers. This elegant wine balances natural acidity and sweetness. In creating Maddalena Riesling, the alcoholic fermentation is stopped before the yeast has converted all of the natural grape sugar into alcohol. In doing so, this arrested fermentation allows the natural sweetness of the wine to be maintained.


Sustainability is our top priority. Our Paso Robles and Monterey vineyards are certified sustainable by CSWA. At our Paso Robles winery, solar panels provide 100% of the needed electricity, and wastewater is effectively reclaimed and recycled for additional uses.

Wine Making

Maddalena Riesling comes only from the best lots that our estate vineyards have to offer. Small lots are picked and fermented individually with minimal intervention to allow the true expression of the soil and climate. The wines are matured in a unique selection of hand-crafted French and American oak barrels.

Food Pairing

Riesling is famous for its flexibile nature when it comes to food pairing. Try our Maddalena Riesling with a lobster roll, a BLT, or even spicy chicken tacos.




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